Ergin Köylüceli

Senior Creative Director

He has been in advertising business for 25 years. He worked with hundreds of clients as manager, creative director and consultant. He loves sunrise, loves to take risk, strategy and Chet Baker. He has no worry except one brands must have its own strategy. Platon’s ‘’good’’, ‘’beautiful’’ and ‘’right’’ consepts are his principles.

Onur Yavuz

Senior Social Media Director

He has been in communication sector since 1998. He started his career with PR and than advanced in convantional advertising. Now he is building digital communication strategies. He loves to walk around digital marketing labyrinths. His mind is always busy with existance, space, time and quantum.

Levent Yıldırımtürk

Marketing Director

He already protects his feeling of excitement and curiosity about a work as the first day he entered advertising sector. He works a lot, sleeps less. His motto is “Quality Changes Your Life”. He loves people a lot. He probably knows about all business sectors. His dream is to be Astro Physician in the future. He is a good cook and mostly drives bicycle.

Rıdvan Yıldızça

Art Director

He started his carreer as graphic designer at 1995. He knows about press operations very well. For 10 years he worked at his own colour seperation studio. He loves nature, sports and sea. He listens ‘Leyla and Mecnun’ serial lines when he is working. He loves village life. He says exactly what is in his mind. He is clear. The most important thing for him in business is trust

Melisa Yörük

Account Manager

She loves to work carefully, attentive and systematic. She question the things which are not appropriate for her logic till tuning them in. She might be seen cold outside but in fact she is very affectionate. She loves reading, research and learning new things. She extremely loves animals.

Ceyda Coşkun

Social Media Manager

She graduated from Uludağ University International Relations. She has been is in advertising sector for 8 years. In her career she worked as editor, copywriter, blogger, social media manager and client executive. She starts the day very early. She is very energetic. She is crasy about books and films. She believes in equilibrium.

Nurcan Erarslan

Art Director

Since she started to use pen she has been drawing and designing. She has been in advertising sector for 14 years. She educated on visual arts at lycee and university. Her passion on design determined her next step. From publishing to press, dijital to corporate agencies she had a colourful carreer. He is very cute and has high energy.